Stand with us to say "NO MORE" of big tobacco targeting New Mexico's young adults.

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The tobacco industry spends over $37.1 million every year marketing its deadly products in New Mexico. That's about $101,644 every single day.  Their goal is to addict each generation to create lifelong customers. Our goal is to empower young adults with information and the support needed to lead nicotine-free lives.

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We recognize we can't be experts in everything, but No More NM wants to be your go to for all things nicotine-related. We know knowledge is power and want to help young adults acquire it. Whether it be quit support, trusted information sources, or partners that can help you in your journey.

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Share your knowledge and gain new insights by joining a network of New Mexico institutions committed to healthier, tobacco-free environments at colleges and universities. Receive free support to help your campus be truly tobacco-free.

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, No More NM is not participating in any physical gatherings.Through a virtual setting, No More NM strives to have a statewide presence at virtual health events, webinars, conferences, health fairs, university events, and virtual booths.

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