The tobacco industry has left a devastating impact on many New Mexicans. Take a stand against Big Tobacco and join Young Adults across the state New Mexico! It's time for change!

I pledge to be free of all forms of smoking. I choose this because it is unhealthy for my overall health and for those around me. I choose to be a role model for others around me.

I would choose not to use tobacco and cigarettes because they are bad for you and they could get you very sick.

Life is too precious to throw it away.

Mask in Style

Stop vaping on campus because we are here to get far in life. Vaping will get you no where! The time to stop is now~

Confident Businesswoman

It's important to have a tobacco-free campus, so that we all are healthy and breathe well.


Smoking should not have affected our generation, but due to e-cigarettes like JUUL and vape it has promoted nicotine addiction.

Squash Player

I choose to be nicotine-free because its NOT CUUL to JUUL!

Shopping with Protective Mask

Not worth it. It's not worth having COPD and carrying an oxygen tank & coughing the rest of your life!

Woman with Paper Mask

Less asthma attacks! Less secondhand smoke! Less illness.